American Breakfast

Americans have historically inclined toward the English tradition of substantial breakfasts, which first crossed the Atlantic with the Puritans. Over the years, as different cultures have made their culinary mark on American habits, Americans have put together an unusually large collection of foods associated primarily with the morning meal. In exchange, they have made their own contribution to breakfast in other countries with the concept of packaged, prepared foods. For better or worse, cereal has joined coffee, tea, eggs, and bread as a global breakfast food. Baked goods have proven particularly attractive to Americans in search of breakfast items. Many of these, like the waffle (relative of the French gaufre and the Dutch wafel) are snack foods or desserts in their native countries. The English muffin, which forms the basis of several egg dishes and is popular in its own right as toast, is an American invention, in spite of its name.

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